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WEISSHOLISTIC ~ a comprehensive approach to             
optimal health, self-realization & expression of your full potential.

What People are Saying about WEISSHOLISTIC

“The things I'm doing with you are way beyond (broader, deeper, more creative & documented) what I've tried before with anyone else. Thank you for creating your practice to approach how big & multi-dimensional people are. I'm so lucky to have found you!”

Zoe Carter, Artist  LA, CA

“Shirly is a miracle worker. Her methods are life changing and transforming. She has such a beautiful ability to  hear between the words to the truth my soul is speaking...It has been euphoric for me most of the times & the shifts are so fast when I see her! “

Lisbeth Scott, Singer LA, CA

“Thanks to Shirly, I now have vastly better food choices, my IBS symptoms have vanished, I have clear, refined goals for myself and a new perspective on what is good/important for me and my life.  I cannot say enough about the new direction and hope this work has given me - way past my expectations”

Ashley Crout, Writer, New York, NY

“Working with Shirly has been a life changing experience for me. I am becoming more aware of what held me back from having my true heart’s desire. I have let go of many old belief systems and have transformed them into new ways of living and thinking that have brought balance, abundance and joy back into my life. In just a few months, I've seen my confidence expand, my stress levels drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds. I'm so glad that I started this journey.” 

Jeanne Verger, Music Industry Executive LA, CA

imagine being free from caring what others think...

imagine knowing deeply what is best for you and following through on this call with joy and ease...

imagine self-care that was exciting, joyful and of your creation...

imagine being so clear about about how to navigate your life you are no longer dependent on the advice of others...

imagine finally having the confidence to move on all the dreams and visions that have been bottled up inside of you so long...

imagine taking life by the horns and finally being the woman of your dreams!

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Personal and global well-being start with you, from within.

Via cutting edge, multi-dimensional coaching & technologies that balance & invigorate your BodyMindSpirit, WEISSHOLISTIC offers powerful personal transformation designed to help you effectively rise above any obstacles, in body & mind, that have prevented you from thriving, enjoying health & creating your abundant, harmonious world now.

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