Unleashing Every Woman’s Power
to Create, Nurture and Transform

About Shirly Weiss

Shirly Weiss is committed to expanding the health and consciousness of her community and world.  An expert in holistic health and spiritual developmental psychology, she has dedicated her life to the practice of optimized health & consciousness. She bases her work on the idea that optimal wellness and power are the natural outcome of increasing consciousness, order and flow in the whole; body, mind and spirit. With extensive training in both the physical and psycho-spiritual health arts, Shirly is uniquely able to hold her clients through the lens of the whole being, functioning as a catalyst for optimal well-being in all areas; whether the client is seeking to heal a health concern naturally, ease pain, increase self-esteem and creativity, heal dysfunctional relationships or embrace their life purpose.  Most importantly, Shirly is a lover of people in the deepest sense and is wholeheartedly committed to increasing the health and happiness of those she works with.

Her mindbodyspirit approach to wellness coaching fuses her comprehensive background in bio-individual nutritional healing, holistic health, spiritual psychology, human relationship dynamics, Conscious Language & energy medicine with cutting-edge quantum biofeedback technology and her highly intuitive, inspirational nature. Her unique approach provides a truly holistic method that efficiently transforms illness, fear, habits or perceived limitation into an awakened consciousness and lifestyle that results in maximized personal creativity, power and well-being and in her eyes, global transformation as well.

Shirly is dedicated to answering the call of transformation within by being of service to individuals on the transformational path.  Her own journey of transformation has led her through many monumental experiences of profound growth and development as well as the opportunity to study with some of the world’s greatest teachers of health and consciousness, many of which are listed below. 


University of Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA) -  Master’s in Spiritual Psychology

The Synthesis Center (Amherst, Mass) -  Two year master’s level training program in Psychosynthesis Transpersonal Psychology

Institute for Integrative Nutrition  (New York, NY) – 2 year training in Holistic Health & Nutritional Counseling

Apprenticeship in Human Relationship Dynamics, Child & Human Development and Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology with Psychologist/Professor Armando Elias, Creator of the IntelliBee Educational System

Florida State University (Tallahassee, Fl) – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and Criticism

Additional Course Work/Trainings

Certified Instructor of Language of Mastery by Robert Tennyson Stevens

APPPAH Congress on Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Certified Pre-Natal Parenting Instructor

Ecology of Leadership Program at the Regenerative Design Institute (Bolinas, CA)

Next Generation Leadership Program at the Center for Whole Communities (Vermont)

Permaculture Design Certificate from EarthFlow Designs

8-Shields Art of Mentoring Program with Jon Young


Inergetix CoRe Quantum Bioresonance & Biofeedback Practitioner

Practitioner of the Following Energy Medicine Systems

Rising Star Healing System


Reiki Master & Golden Reiki Practitioner

CoRe Energetic Frequency Balancing

Shirly is also Bilingual/Bicultural in Spanish/English.