Unleashing Every Woman’s Power
to Create, Nurture and Transform

The Roots of Transformation

Activating Your Consciousness for a Thriving World

Do you still feel limited or frustrated, even after years of spiritual & self development?

Are you ready to stop seeking outside & awaken the leader within?

Are you ready to finally embody spiritual insight into your every day?

Are you ready to finally banish struggle from your vocabulary & live your potential now?

This workshop, based on Robert Tennyson StevensCONSCIOUS LANGUAGE, will assist you in claiming your true essence once again; the place from which you are a sovereign, clear channel of power, directing your life force to mold, shape and enjoy the abundant, harmonious world you know possible deep within. 

  1. Gain a grounded, expanded awareness of your Self and the role and power of your “consciousness” in your life

  2. Experience a radical new way to engage limiting patterns that results in their transformation once and for all

  3. Learn to effectively & consciously activate the  creative vision that transforms your life and world.

Join us in a dynamic, celebratory exploration of consciousness & learn how to use everything within you to create real transformation in your world now.


As the Hopi prophecy says,“this is The Hour... time to stop looking outside ourselves for the leader, to banish the word struggle from our vocabulary and do all in sacred celebration…”

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Next Workshop: May 2010

The Roots of Transformation 

Activating Your Consciousness for a Thriving World

Facilitated by Shirly Weiss, MA, HHC

                 Sponsored by Elevate Films, Produced by Farsam

Next Workshop

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The Roots of Transformation

Activating Your Consciousness For A Thriving World

A Revolutionary Weekend Intensive to Awaken your Greatness and Transform your World from Within.

Women of the Green Generation Conference

Join Shirly at the WOTGG Conference

Acessing your True Power and Achieving the Impossible with Ease

We are visionaries, transformational leaders, mothers, teachers, CEOs, sentinels of change.  We are up late at night envisioning our glorious world... And at times, many of us find ourselves feeling doubt, spread too thin, wondering “HOW?” How can I make my huge vision occur?

The truth is you can.  And you can do it with providence, joy, support and ease. This presentation is about true power and how to achieve the “impossible” joyfully, gracefully and sustainably, the way a master  


Just as there are ways of being that deplete our planet and ways that sustain it... there are ways of being that deplete us and sabotage our missions as there are ways that sustain us, energize and assist us in  

carrying out our immense visions in miraculous ways.

Join Shirly to learn how to effectively move through any and all uncertainty, physical and emotional drain,  

and seeming obstructions into sustaining your vision in a manner that inspires and creates miracles all around you.

If you are committed to your vision & engaging your full leveraged power allowing you to  relax and enjoy the ride, join us for this insightful, step-by-step presentation of how to accomplish just that.   

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Conscious Living Tele-seminar Series

Can one conversation change your life?

  1. We have all felt stuck in some area of our life at one time or another.  And while we are all clearly dedicated to our growth, to achieving our dreams and living joyful lives, most of us having been living unconscious choices that simply made life more difficult.

  2. Where we experienced great success in some areas, in others we fell short.  For some this was around health or finances, for others around relationships or creativity.  And not understanding our role, we blamed the cause on a person, genes, the economy, our partners, our governments, life. 

  3. However, we do have power, we do have choice and we have tools available to us to make our journey all the more easy and fun.  As we awaken to our unconscious limitations and to our power of choice, we move from having little impact in our life to having great impact, from dis-ease to vitality, from surviving to thriving.

  4. Truly, as we think in our hearts, as we speak and as we act in our lives, so are we.  The Conscious Living Series is about providing you with the tools to powerfully take the reigns in your life and consciously create the ease, health and wealth you desire.

Thursday March 18, 6 PM PST: The Power of Conscious Language

A cutting edge exploration of our language that goes way beyond positive thinking!

  1. How many of us have visualized, used affirmations and positive statements and still had yet to achieve what our hearts know possible?  Of the many reasons behind this, a key reason is as simple as our word choices.  Our words are prayers coming into manifestation each and every moment.  Our habitual language patterns and choices either affirm a state of lack, dis-ease and separation (the language of illusion) or allow the abundance all around to be enjoyed now (the language of our heart).

  2. Join us on this call to discover a cutting edge, novel approach to understanding the power of our words that can radically upgrade you experience of your Self and your life. 

In this evening call, you will learn:

  1. BulletAbout the many sneaky, unconscious language choices acting as hidden sabotage and affirming limitation in your life 

  2. BulletHow your reality is shaped by your language & words

  3. BulletHow our word choices can clue us into subtle doubt and feelings of powerlessness and assist you in reclaiming your power of choice

  4. BulletHow to upgrade every area your life consciously with efficiency and power by mastering Conscious Language

  5. BulletHow to move beyond rote, hollow repetition of a “conscious” statement into speaking a language that results in miracles, the language of your heart. 

The result is way more than your heart’s desires manifest, the result is your awakening to your true Self & the power to transform your world from within.

Friday March 19, 12 PM PST: The Power of Conscious Nutrition

A cutting edge exploration of true nourishment for evolution and ease.

  1. We could make things so much easier both for ourselves in our lives and for our planet by eating & nourishing ourselves consciously.  Negativity, doubt, indecisiveness, habitual thought patterns and limitations could be eased and even completely lifted with conscious choices in nourishment.  Also, our planets well-fare and politics would completely alter as well. 

  2. Truly, one of the quickest ways to speed up our progress, how we feel in our bodies, how we feel about ourselves and life and our ability to create is through Conscious Nutrition.  When combined with Conscious Language, the upgrades you can experience in your life are radical! 

  3. In this lunch-time call, you will learn:

  4. BulletAbout food energetics: How what we eat informs us on every level, influencing our moods, mindset, energy, creative capabilities, mental and physical stamina, sexuality and of course, health.

  5. BulletHow our creativity and sense of Self is connected to our physical health

  6. BulletHow beliefs “matter”:  How our thoughts influence our physical matter

  7. BulletWhat are the optimal sources of nourishment that result in much more than increased health and energy... That result in optimism, creativity, faith, power and claiming of your sovereignty.

  8. BulletThe connection between nutrition and conscious evolution

  9. BulletHow to begin nourishing your Self for enhanced joy and ease today.