Unleashing Every Woman’s Power
to Create, Nurture and Transform

This program is about YOU.  While you will obtain great health and achieve your goals, this is ultimately about helping you actualize yourself as an empowered being who is at the helm of her own life.  You are your own connection to your Source and the greatest expert in all things YOU.  Clearing the way to your Source of clarity and vision, the part inside that knows no limitation and knows what is best for you, is how authentic power and confidence arise.  This is what WEISSHOLISTIC programs are aimed to do, more efficiently than you ever thought possible before, and certainly more fun! I’m here to give you all my tools, tips and tricks so that you never be dependent on a coach or counselor again and become the greatest friend, therapist and guide for yourself you have ever known!
Primary Goals of WEISSHOLISTIC Programs is to...
Help you move from doubt and limitation into achieving the consciousness and state of being from where your desired goals are fulfilled and you experience satisfaction
Assist you in developing the deep sense of Self and trust as well as provide you with extensive tools that help you move forward successfully on your own
Transform your Consciousness for Optimal Well-Being & Success
Develop Authentic Self-Esteem
Master Your Divine Gifts & Creative Power
Discover & Transmute Hidden Self-Sabotage & Limitations
Experience greater Purpose, Trust, Synchronicity & Harmony in your Relationships
Transform Fear, Lack & Doubt into Faith, Abundance & Security
Live a connected, empowered life of choice, grace, creativity and joy 

Areas of Specialty
Authentic Leadership
Discovering and Claiming Life-Purpose
Enhanced Creativity and Imagination Activation
Manifesting and Conscious Language

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Your life is a reflection of the consciousness you hold.

By understanding how you are currently interacting with Life and choosing to live from your divine, unlimited, heart-centered consciousness, your life will transform...

Make this the year you step into your power and express your full, authentic Self in all your uniqueness, beauty and joy!

The time is now... your world is eagerly awaiting to see the GLORIOUS YOU!

Single, Bi-monthly and weekly sessions available.  Contact us today to schedule a session in-person or by phone.

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